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Baby High Chair

Indonesia Rattan furniture as Kids furniture and baby furniture exporter and manufacturer, we develop various type of kids line furniture. For baby, toddler, children, doll furniture and rattan toys. One of kids line product is baby high chair. High Chair popular used as a place to eat babies. Now there are many models of high chairs on the market. As more market demands, we began to develop this chair with different materials, namely from natural fiber. Can give the impression of a vintage and tropical in your home. Made from natural rattan, natural material that is lightweight and durable. So make it easier for you to move this chair. This chair is also safe for your baby, because we use a non-toxic water base finishing. You don’t need to worry about the safety of our seats, because every corner is blunt, so it won’t hurt your child. In addition to the designs that we have created and developed, we also accept custom designs if you want to create your own designs.