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Erlina Living Set from Abaca Natural Fiber


Erlina Living Set | Living room is an essential part of your home. It is a room for your family to relax and to enjoy your family time. It is also a relax place for your guest when visiting you. In Eastern culture, when you have many guest you will get more blessing. In addition, you will need comfort and beautiful furniture to greet your guest. Indonesia furniture will become best choice for your living room.

Erlina Rounded Living Set with Boston Table will give you a comfort and beautiful environment to your living room. It is made from banana trees skin or well known as abaca it is kind of natural fiber in Indonesia. As one of natural fibers material in Indonesia, we made this living set of wicker furniture with art and finesses from our artisan. We made twisted weaving from the abaca and put it with rounded style. We called it abaca twisted rounded.

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