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More and More Kubu Rattan

Nuno Rattan Lazy Chair

Diversity of rattan not only visible based on form but also color. In the form point of view, we often heard with rattan core, pitrit, peel, srimit, croco, kubu, kubu grey and many more. On the other hand, rattan has its own natural color likes yellow, black, red, nude and mixture color. Now, we will take up the most popular material today. I am sure you all know about this material. Yes, you right KUBU GREY. Seeing that this is one of the leading varieties of rattan furniture, which is strong and durable. We called in leading varieties considering the method of different staining.

Let us take a look how to appear grey color on rattan. As its name, this kind of rattan has special finishing color of grey patina. Don’t you know that to produce grey color on rattan, it should soak the rattan in clay for more than two weeks…? Yes it is, soak in clay. That is why the color is look natural and soft so that no need to recolor again just put topcoat to protect the color and make it more shinny.

More than explanation of rattan kubu regarding the finishing process and its excess derived us to put this furniture into our list of goods to be place at home. Along with trend of the color raised the kubu rattan furniture popular. Grey color is neutral color matching combining with others color. Kubu grey dining set or others furniture item place on your home as it is not dominant part of the house it help to reduce the depressing effect raise. On the other side, grey has a dampening effect on other colors used. Place the right kubu grey furniture on your house will create a clam and relax feels. (Santi)

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