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Natural Cane Furniture as Part of Indonesia

Monet Rattan Lazy Chair

Indonesia is one of the best tropical country in the world. You can see all beautiful nature and environment in here like beaches, forests and volcanoes.  You can life only using natural resources and even a song said that fishing rod and net are enough to survive. It means that Indonesia is very wealthy for its natural resources

With Tropical Climate, Indonesia has many big forests like in Borneo Island, Sumatra Island and Java Island. These forests are resources of fresh air in Indonesia and the world. Indonesia has 2 kinds of forests. They are natural and artificial forest. Natural forest is a forest made of from its natural while artificial forest is made with human intervention or help. Indonesia is also well known for the natural rattan and natural fiber that live at Sulawesi and Borneo Island. Especially for natural cane, It is well known for the quality that superior than others rattan outside Indonesia

These wealthy natural resources are gifts for Indonesian people. They are exploiting these resources wisely.  Some of Indonesian people make wooden and wicker furniture, natural cane furniture with natural resources like rattan, water hyacinth, abaca, banana leaf and seagrass. They usually buy the natural rattan material from Sulawesi or Borneo Island then make the rattan furniture at Java. Indonesian Government prohibited exporting rattan material to protect Indonesian rattan furniture.

If you want wooden or natural cane furniture for your home, make sure you get the furniture imported from Indonesia. The materials are legal and the quality is good

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