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The Benefits of Having Indonesian Rattan Furniture at Your Home

Benefits Having Rattan Furniture in your home

Indonesia is currently quite popular as one of popular travel destinations worldwide. It has more than destinations to explore, but also the culture and nature. Basically, being in the tropical area makes Indonesia has all the richness in Flora and Fauna. Moreover its archipelago structure which makes it even richer in plants and animals distinction. This country has been featured at several movies like Anaconda, Winter Sonata, and each time we see the beauty of the nature, we would want to visit there someday. But there is more than the tourism attractions in Indonesia. There is also some kind of unique wood which is quite popular as a furniture, which is rattan and Indonesia rattan furniture is very popular across the globe.

Rattan is a kind of wood which has amazing flexibility. In Indonesia, rattan has been widely used as material for various furniture, especially chairs and benches. The furniture made from rattan has been found since the 17th century and now, there are even the synthetic ones on the market. But do not compare by the cheaper price of synthetic rattans, the original ones have superb beauty and comfort compared to “fakes”. Indonesian rattan furniture, especially chairs and benches have cane works on top of the seat and at the backrest.

Why you have to choose rattan furniture?

Lova Rattan Corner Set
Lova Rattan Corner Set

Besides, all Indonesian rattan furniture are polished so that they will last longer and comfortable enough to sit all day. The natural fibers used in the furniture will go well in all body type and measurement, you just need to look one that suits you. You can add more cushion if you want to, however, rattan furniture are very comfortable to begin with. The cane work makes the furniture has air circulation from the back rest to the seat, making this more comfortable to be your lazy couch all day long.

There is no better furniture than the ones from rattan because strong and durable . You might have bought some kind of furniture before, but when you want to move then around the house, you might find difficulties due to its weight. Rattan furniture also have cheaper price rather than the ones made from solid wood. Solid wood tend to be sold significantly more expensive than rattan ones. The manufacturers needed more resources to make one. They needed to log and transport the wood blocks. The finer the log, the more expensive it will become. Moreover, solid woods takes years to harvest, and it will become better as the tree ages. Different with Indonesia rattan furniture which are way cheaper but also have the same quality as the solid wood furniture.

Indulge your home furniture with our collections

Rattans grow back way faster than a log tree, so the resources will be renewed in much shorter time. This is why the price of rattan furniture are significantly lower than the other. Having wicker furniture at your home would be beneficial for all your family. You can feel the natural fibers directly to your skin. Indonesia rattan furniture at Wisanka has exceptional quality and strong natural sensation. Processed with high level craftsmanship thus result in high detailed, comfortable, strong and unique furniture. Having such prestigious furniture at your home would make everyone happy. First of all, your whole family could enjoy the sensation of sitting on top of natural fiber. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the product since all the materials are organic.

Indulge yourselves in the beauty of mother nature, right in your own house with our exclusive rattan works. Highly skilled craftsmen are ready to take over your project to make your home more comfortable. Feel the sensation of natural fibers with Indonesia rattan furniture. Make your home more exotic with fabulous natural fibers crafted in the most intriguing and unique pattern. All you need to do is to contact us and consult what you have in mind. We would be very happy to hear your ideas and visions. Entrust your furniture project to us and we will provide the best Indonesia rattan furniture right to your doorstep. Create a home with comfortable natural fibers. Feel the sensation of the nature and comfort your life with natural furniture.

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