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Inspiration of Natural Living Room Chair

Living Rattan Chair

Guest sofa or living room chair is one of the chairs that many like. Sometimes the sofa is also use to sit relax and gather with family Besides functioning to welcome guests. Sofa can also be a beautiful room decoration. But sometimes choosing a chair for the living room is very confusing. Because of the many options available in the market. Let’s look at some recommendations and inspiring living room chairs from!.

Inspiration of Natural Living Room Chairs

To add to your reference in the consideration of purchasing a living room chair. We present some our own collection of living room furniture. We choose these products based on interests and requests of our partners throughout the world.

Pearl Living Set


Pearl wicker living set has an attractive and adorable design. With 4 sloping legs and a shape that tends to round, Pearl managed to attract the eyes of guests when in the living room. The Pearl wicker chair set comes with a very soft cushion to adds comfort when sitting on it. Pearl coffee table is no less funny, with an elliptical shape woven from water hyacinth, a natural fiber material with good durability quality. Pearl full set is available with 1 sofa two seater, 2 chairs and 1 coffee table.

For Pearl collection, it is also available for a terrace with 1 chair and 1 coffee table and dining room furniture. If you want to harmonize living room furniture and Pearl’s porch is a great choice.

Claro Living Set

Claro Rattan Living Set
Claro Rattan Living Set

By the design, it’s worth recognizing that Claro rattan living set has a very good design. It is suitable for you who like a simple design. Made from natural rattan with full exposure, Claro seems very sturdy and comfortable to sit on. The seat foam is also very soft, available in some fabric option. Even with this sturdy appearance, Claro has a weight that is not too heavy. So you are easy enough to move it. In addition, Claro is also very resistant if hit by a collision. Claro is available with 2 rattan arm chairs, 1 rattan sofa, and 1 round table which is shaped very cute.

Morocco Living Set


Maroco Rattan Living Set
Morocco Rattan Living Set

If you call Morocco, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is one of the countries in Africa. But calm down you do not have to order it in Morocco. Morocco comes with a very neat design. With exposed rattan that makes it look distinctive and attractive. Moroco Cane Living Set is available in several colors, natural, white and black, and you could request custom colors. To check the availability of colors you can directly contact here. Morocco is available with 1 sofa rattan sofa two seater and 2 rattan armchairs and 1 coffee table.

Morissa Living Set


Morissa comes in a cheerful color. It is suitable for you who are want to make your living room more colorfull or who you are want bold color in your living room. Morissa also has a very unique and minimalist webbing that makes it attractive and attracts attention. Morissa is available in 2 arm chairs, 1 wicker couch and 1 coffee table.

So, do you get inspiration of natural living chair made from rattan and natural fiber ?. Indonesia Rattan Furniture by Wisanka is one of the exporters of rattan and natural fiber products. We have various types of living sets that you can see on our website. If you are looking for products made from natural you can contact us by visiting the website

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