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Rattan Wardrobe, More Demand in Australia and US Market

Rattan Wardrobe

The wardrobe is one of the mandatory pieces of furniture in every home. Yes, as a place to store our objects, such as clothes, blankets, towels, books, shoes and many other things. So, which cupboard comes to mind first? Wardrobe made of wood, of course. Because most cabinets are made of wood, they are made with various models as well, slider models, front door opening models, and cabinets without doors, only open shelves. In addition to cabinets made of wood, cabinets made of sawdust, there are also cabinets made of glass, plywood, and the more popular one is rattan cabinets. Currently, rattan cabinets are popular in countries in Australia and the US.

What makes rattan wardrobe popular?

Recently, rattan has become a popular furniture material in several countries. However, here we will only discuss why rattan cabinets are becoming popular. Rattan wardrobe is popular because it is judged by some people to have a flexible form and has its own artistic value. Yes, rattan can be applied as a cabinet frame, it can be used as the main material to wrap the wardrobe. Rattan can also be used as wardrobe decoration. Rattan cabinets also have a strong construction like wooden cabinets. So it can store several piles of clothes. Rattan cabinets are also durable in use for years. Because it is made of lightweight rattan, so the rattan wardrobe is easy to move if you want to change the layout of the room.

Rattan cabinets can also be adapted to various concepts in your home. Coastal design, modern or boho. With natural colors, this rattan wardrobe also adds to the natural feel in your home. Your home will also seem warm, and does not require a large space to place.

Below are some of our rattan wardrobe products

Keen kids rattan wardrobe

Keen Kids Rattan Cabinet
Keen Kids Rattan Cabinet

We not only have wardrobes for adults, we also have several collections of wardrobes for children. one of them is keen on this kid’s rattan wardrobe. At the bottom there are 2 drawers with closed doors, can be used to store clothes, blankets or other children’s equipment. At the top there are two open shelves to put your child’s photo frame or collection of books. Adjusted to your little one’s height, this cupboard allows your child to pick up their own things. designed with a curved model at the top, and no sharp corners, to provide safety for your child. This keen kids wardrobe can be used as a cabinet in the family room.

Indah rattan wardrobe

Indah Rattan Wardrobe
Indah Rattan Wardrobe

Indah, in Indonesian means beautiful. As the name implies, this wardrobe is very beautiful with an arch at the top. Made with full rattan and wrapped in closed webbing pitrit rattan. There are three drawers on the inside Indah rattan wardobe, allowing you to store several piles of clothes in it. With an easy-to-hold door handle, you can easily open it.

Aparador peacock white rattan cabinet

Aparador Peacock Rattan Cabinet in White
Aparador Peacock Rattan Cabinet in White

Aparador peacock white rattan cabinet is made with a medium size, which only consists of two closed shelves. The door is made semi-closed with decorations resembling a peacock. With details of peacock decoration, it becomes the main attraction of this wardrobe. Can be used to store towels, toiletries or eating utensils such as plates, bowls, glasses, or cups in the kitchen.

Aparador spider cabinet

Aparador Spider Rattan Cabinet
Aparador Spider Rattan Cabinet

Aparador spider cabinet is made the same size as the Aparador Peacock Cabinet, with two racks. On the two doors, decorations such as cobwebs are made to be an allure in itself. Finished with natural colors, this wardrobe can create a cozy or boho atmosphere in your home. You can put it in the family room, in the kitchen or in your child’s room to store clothes or stationery supplies.

How, after reading the advantages of this rattan wardrobe, and it is popular in several countries in Australia and the US, have you started to glance at this rattan wardrobe? In terms of price, of course, this rattan wardrobe is cheaper and affordable.

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