Meru Rattan Dining Set, One of Our Best Selling Dining Set Furniture

Meru Rattan Dining Set
Enjoying a meal with the family at the dining table certainly adds to the warmth and intimacy of each family member. Therefore you need a dining table that is comfortable, durable, sturdy, and has a design that suits your taste. In addition, placing a dining set furniture makes the room look more classy. Glass, iron, and solid wood, natural rattan are some of the popular dining table set materials. This time, we will review one of our collection of best selling dining set furniture.
Meru Rattan Dining Chair
The Meru dining table comes in a set with four dining chairs. The design is simple and comes with a classic touch with an elegant antique glaze color. The table frame material is made of solid solid wood with the table top made of woven water hyacinth and rattan. The top is coated with glass and is certainly very easy to clean. The design is also made of knitted rattan, adding a beautiful impression when placed indoors or outdoors. The dining chair, as you can see, is wrapped in woven water hyacinth combined with rattan. The backrest is made high, so you are comfortable sitting in this chair for a long time. Don’t forget to be equipped with a cushion on top, with a back strap, so it doesn’t fall off easily.
The quality is unquestionable. Pine wood or teak which is used as a material is often used as furniture material. How to clean it simply wipe with a cloth. It’s easy, right? You can have a warm chat with your family while enjoying dinner at this dining table.

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