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5 Rattan Craft Ideas for Room Decoration

Rattan Craft Ideas for Decoration

Rattan Craft Decoration – In addition to woven bamboo, rattan is also often used as handicrafts either for accessories or decorations. The use of rattan crafts for decoration is quite a trend lately because it is considered to make the room look more aesthetic. Decorations and furniture that use rattan are more durable because they can withstand a fairly heavy load. For this reason, many use rattan as a material to make sofas and chairs.

Rattan Craft Decoration

Rattan crafts are also lighter than wood, making it easier for you to carry and move them. Rattan crafts are also quite cheap, so many people prefer rattan to beautify room decorations. For those of you who want your house or room to look more aesthetic, here are some craft ideas from rattan to decorate your boarding room.

Rattan Basket

Baskets are an alternative to make your home look neat. Rattan basket, can be used to put dirty clothes or a collection of jackets that don’t fit into the closet. Baskets from rattan also have various sizes that you can adjust.

Rattan Mirror

Besides being able to make your house or room look more aesthetic, a rattan mirror will also make a roomy impression in your room. In addition, the use of rattan mirrors will also make the atmosphere of your room feel like a villa on the beach. There are various models of rattan mirrors that you can choose from with your home design concept.

Small Table

Next is a bedside table or small table that you can place on the side of the bed. With this table, you will find it easy to store your smartphone before going to bed. In addition, the bedside table can also be used to place other decorations such as mini pots or bed lights.

Flower Vase

To make your room more attractive, you can use a rattan flower vase as a decoration. You can fill the flower vase with dried flowers or fake flowers. But if you want to add an aesthetic impression, you can choose dried flowers such as pampas grass, lagurus bunny tail or palm leaves.

Storage Box

In your room or house, you are required to provide a storage box. Without a storage area, it is certain that the boarding house tenant’s belongings will be scattered and the room will look messy. To work around this, you can use a rattan storage box. For the model, you can choose a model with or without a lid. Likewise with the shape, if to store books then use a large box, but to store small items such as make-up or charger cable, then use a small one.

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