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Rattan Home Decor, to Make Your Home More Attractive

Rattan Home Decor

Decorating a home can be a challenge if you want to try to mix it up and try something a little different from the standard decor. Decorating a house with furniture made of fabric or wood or plastic may seem ordinary, but trying to add a rattan to home decor will add charm and seem full.

You can find it even easier through online stores with a choice of weaving techniques, colors, and sizes. Rattan home decor can be a unique way to fill any empty room in the house, from the living room, office, and bedroom.

The following are some recommendations for decorating a room with rattan

Decorating a private room is certainly fun and putting anything on the bed is sure to provide a stunning view. Yes, wicker such as winnows, placemats, plates, or baskets made of rattan or bamboo are suitable to decorate your room. Here, you can also play with earth tone colors that highlight natural colors without reducing the minimalist impression.

Decorating the guest room with rattan lamps

Rattan lamp collections

The living room is the first place that people often pass in the house and the room to entertain guests. Adding texture with rattan or wicker in the living room is a great choice, mix it with the original color between dark and light. One of them is with a rattan lamp. Can be a solution to install several in the living room. Or we can put a rattan basket in the corner of the living room and add a touch of real plants that don’t require a lot of water to make the living room more lively.

Rattan touch in the workspace

Rattan chair and sofa collections

If you have a workspace at home, create rattan home decor or rattan furniture as a property. For example, you can add a rattan chair or rattan sofa. You can choose a rattan chair that is mixed with a wooden frame or a natural rattan chair with natural colors so that the impression of the earth is more prominent.

Give a vintage touch to the kitchen

Rattan shelf and basket collections

Adding a touch of decor to a kitchen with rattan home decor can go a long way in creating a more personal and attractive look. You can add a rattan shelf or rattan basket as a container for kitchen supplies. That way, you have a vintage-inspired kitchen that doesn’t look old-fashioned. The combination of modern and woven kitchens can make your kitchen stylish.

So, that’s the recommendation for home decoration with rattan to make it appear more colorful and attractive. Come on, create woven rattan or bamboo in your home. Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask about our products and price list. Good luck.





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