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Essential Furniture for Your Home to Be Comfortable

Morissa Wicker Living Set Natural

If you have plans to occupy your first home, one of the things to think about in order to create comfort in your new home is the presence of furniture. Of course there are challenges that you must face to determine the first home furniture. Starting from the furniture design, color, function, arrangement to the budget. Well, to make it easier to make furniture choices, here are essentials home furniture recommendations that can make your first home super comfortable.

Essensial home furniture recommendations :

Comfortable bed and mattress

Bedroom Furniture
Kaloka rattan bed – comfortable bed and mattress

Rest comfort is very important because it can affect health and mood. The problem is, with a completely new atmosphere, not a few residents of the house feel uncomfortable in the first nights sleeping in a new house. To reduce that awkward feeling, you should choose a mattress that is really comfortable. Not only consider the size of the mattress but also the level of softness. For example, if you have complaints of back pain, you should choose a slightly firm mattress and avoid a mattress that is too soft. Also choose the right mattress and cot equipment so that you sleep more soundly.

First home furniture for living room, sofa or couch

New Santika Wicker Living Set
New Santika Wicker Living Set

To relax with family and at the same time to receive guests who come to your first home, of course a living room furniture set is an important need. At least, there are two kinds of furniture to choose from, namely sofas and couches.

Sofas are available in various sizes, colors and models. Sofas are generally equipped with comfortable cushions and arm support on the sides. This furniture offers comfort to relax for residents of the house and at the same time provides sufficient seating if guests come. Meanwhile, the couch has a casual impression and is more suitable for relaxing, just lying down while watching television. Couchs usually don’t have arm supports and they’re not as big as a sofa.

Suitable lighting for the home

Milan Rattan Lamp Set Milan Rattan Lamp Set

The right and sufficient lighting will greatly affect the atmosphere and comfort of your home. For that, pay attention to the lighting elements ranging from the choice of table lamps, lights on the ceiling to the presence of decorative lights. The right and sufficient lighting is influenced by the selection of the right light bulb, the position or placement of the lamp, the number of lamps, the color of the lamp, and also the size of the bulb.

A dining room set that can multifunction as an ideal choice

Bastian Rattan Dining Set
Bastian Rattan Dining Set

To get around the first home furniture shopping budget, you can choose a dining table and dining chair that multifunction. This means that this dining table will not only function as a dining table, but can also be used as a work desk or children’s study table. For that, you need to choose the size that suits your needs. Investing in a dining table like this will be very beneficial for the comfort of the family in the first home.

Storage shelves

Kania Wicker Cabinet
Kania Wicker Cabinet

Consider buying shelves or storage cabinets, so that your home looks special with neat items. These shelves or storage cabinets will later be used to store your various collections such as books, documents, CDs, and other memorable items. In choosing this shelf or storage cabinet, consider the design, color, and size. Because, later the existence of these storage places will affect the interior and overall atmosphere of the house.

Carpet : decoration as well as a place to relax

The existence of a carpetcan change the atmosphere of the house in an instant. Try choosing a neutral colored rug to combine with a colorful sofa. Not only changing and beautifying the atmosphere of the house, the carpet also offers an extra relaxing place besides the sofa. Children can play comfortably on the soft carpet.

Dressing table, not only for makeup

Rainbow Rattan Kids Vanity
Rainbow Rattan Kids Vanity

The existence of a dressing table is often ignored and is not considered as important furniture for the first home. Not only for storing cosmetics and makeup equipment but also for storing accessories, jewelry, and other collections of fashion items. Of course you need to consider the size of the bedroom and the size of the dressing table before deciding to buy. Because, later this dressing table will be placed in one corner of the bedroom. Also consider the suitability of the design and color with the feel of the bedroom so that the bedroom remains comfortable.

By relying on essentials home furniture recommendations, now is the time for you to start hunting for this furniture. Do enough surveys for every first home furniture so that you get the best furniture at a budget price.



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