The Largest Exporter of Rattan Chair to Western Australia

The Largest Exporter of Rattan Chair to Western Australia

The Largerst exporter rattan chair to western australia

Indonesia rattan furniture is one of the largest exporter rattan chair to Western Australia. Rattan chairs made of natural materials, which has a texture similar to wood, but has a smaller size and lighter. In recent years, rattan chairs have been in great demand by many people, because now rattan chairs come with a modern design. Not only with traditional and vintage designs which have been the identity of rattan chairs so far.

Various kinds of rattan chairs

There are several types of rattan chairs that we export to Western Australia. When viewed in terms of placement, rattan chairs are divided into two.

Indoor rattan chairs

Indoor rattan chairs are usually made of natural rattan, which can only be used indoors. Because the natural nature of rattan is not waterproof and cannot be continuously exposed to sunlight. There are usually several types of rattan chairs in the room based on their function :

Rattan chair for living room

Usually placed in the living room. There are those who come with rattan sofa models, which are equipped with soft cushions so that you are comfortable when sitting. Besides rattan sofa chairs, there are single rattan chairs with armrests, which are smaller in size than rattan sofas. In Western Australia, the favorite rattan living room furniture is rattan chairs with a modern design.

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Rattan chairs for dining

This chair is usually used for eating, and is placed in the dining room. There are those made of full natural rattan, rattan dining chairs with wooden frames and wicker rattan, as well as rattan dining chairs with iron legs.

Rattan lazy chair

Rattan lazy chairs are usually used for relaxing. You can sit back in a reclining chair, to relax your body after a day of activities. Some come with a small stool to rest your feet on, so you can sit more comfortably.

Outdoor rattan chair

This outdoor rattan chair can be used outdoors such as on the terrace, in the garden, in the backyard or beside the swimming pool. Usually made of synthetic rattan combined with a wooden frame or iron frame. These outdoor rattan chairs are usually more water resistant and more resistant when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, outdoor rattan chairs have a very strong construction. Not only can it be used outdoors, outdoor rattan chairs can also be used indoors.

The following is a collection of our outdoor rattan chairs which are mostly exported in Australia.

Rattan bistro chairs

This bistro rattan chair is usually placed on the terrace or in the garden to enjoy tea or eat together. Usually made of synthetic rattan with rattan pole frames or iron frames. Not only comes with natural color, our collection of rattan bistro chairs comes with colorful colors. You just choose according to your taste.

Rattan sunbed

Rattan sunbeds are usually placed by the pool. You can lie down on a rattan sun bed while basking in the bright sunshine in summer. The backrest can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Rattan lounge chairs

Elon rattan lounge chair
Elon rattan lounge chair

This chair is very suitable to be placed on the terrace of your house. You can set up 2 rattan lounge chairs with a small table to relax while enjoying tea or coffee on the terrace of your house.

Rattan outdoor sofa

Gratia rattan sofa
Gratia rattan sofa

Not only can be placed in the living room, rattan sofa can also be placed in the garden or backyard. The outdoor rattan sofa is made of synthetic rattan which is more water resistant. Equipped with a cushion, guaranteed you will be very comfortable or comfortable when sitting. Can be used during BBQ parties with friends or family.

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Those are some rattan chairs that we export to Western Australia. Rattan chairs with a modern design and neutral colors are the most preferred by the people of Western Australia. As the largest exporter rattan chair to Western Australia we offer a wide range of designs and sizes according to the needs of our customers. We also accept custom designs, if you have your own rattan chair. Tell your furniture needs to our team, and we will make it happen for you.

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