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Rattan Home Decor Wholesale United States

Rattan Home Decor Wholesale United States

Rattan Home Decor Wholesale – What is the first thing you think of when you hear rattan? Vintage, antique and retro? Yes, of course this is not completely wrong. Rattan is known for its retro, antique and retro impression and style. However, as time goes by, rattan also adapts to current trends. Many rattan furniture and rattan home decor are adapted to modern and contemporary styles. Therefore, rattan home decor is currently liked by many people today. Because apart from its aesthetic and beautiful shape, rattan home decor is easy to maintain and the price is affordable.

Rattan Home Decor Products

As one of the rattan home decor factories in Indonesia, we export our products to various countries in the world, one of which is the United States. Many buyers from the United States import home decor products in bulk from us which are resold to end users. Their customers admit that they really like rattan home decor products, many of which are used to beautify their homes and really help to organize their household needs. Rattan home decor products that are people’s favorites in America are rattan baskets, full length mirrors, wall decorations, laundry baskets, rattan chairs, rattan tables, and dining chairs and various lounge chairs.

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Rattan Home Decor Wholesale United States
Rattan Home Decor Wholesale United States

Therefore, this is an opportunity for you if you have a furniture retail business, a hospitality manager who is looking for furniture, and a party furniture rental owner to complete your collection with rattan home decor. You can import rattan home decor on wholesale from us with high quality. Available in many designs, models, styles and sizes that you can choose according to sales trends in your shop. Or can’t you find what you’re looking for in our collection? Don’t worry, we can make it according to your wishes. Of course, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each item. If you want to make samples, you can consult with our marketing team and designer team. We will listen to your every need, and will make it happen through drawing sketches and making physical product samples. Interesting right?

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Home Decor for Welcoming New Year

Considering that we will soon arrive at the end of 2023, this is a good opportunity for you to display your shop with rattan home decor from us. We are sure that anyone who comes to your shop will immediately fall in love with rattan home decor. They will be very impressed with handmade products and using eco-friendly materials. Where eco-friendly furniture will become a trend in 2024. For this reason, if you are interested in importing our home decor products wholesale, you can contact our marketing team thru live chat to get the latest catalog and price list.

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