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Beautiful Collaboration of rattans : Dare to try??


If you are searching for furniture with modern, casual, and eco friendly style, it’s the right time for you to turn your eyes into rattan furniture. The furniture and decoration from this material will create a lighter and stylish atmosphere. The combination of beauty and simplicity of this material are able to bring a unique texture for your home.

At the beginning, rattan furniture is used for outdoor purpose. Yet, with various creative ways, rattan furniture with modern style can be used to embellish the exotic and enchanting house.

The characteristic of rattan make this material suitable for furniture, accessories, handicraft, and other decorative elements, such as : art display, mirror, bowl, basket, etc. The creation and art from rattan material can be collaborate to create modern interior. The both painting or natural finishing would be beautiful for furniture and rattan handicraft depend on the user taste. The painting finish would give an impression of fashionable and chic, while natural finish would bring the feel of nature and serenity.

The using of rattan for furniture and decorations is very easy and simple, it only needs the touch of creativity and personal style to make the rooms more beautiful and  attractive. The unique and unusual ideas combining with the color accent for your rattans will be brighten up your house. Dare to try?

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