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The Ageless Rattan Furniture


Rattan is classified as a classic material furniture. Since long time ago, rattan furniture always have a special place in the repertoire of Indonesia’s interior industry. With the excellence of its character, rattan is still survive until this time, and probably till the future ahead.

In the days of yore,  people using magnificent rattan furniture in every corner of their house to show their social strata. Meanwhile the people now days is tend to choose the modern and functional furniture. Not only beautiful look but also functional and practical. And rattan is still being the best option for the modern and functional furniture. You can combine rattan with other material such as wood, iron, aluminium, and pvc, to get more modern look.

Rattan furniture was only used to furnish noble house and palace in the past, or in the other words only people in certain class who could posses such furniture. While rattan furniture now days is very casual and common. Not only furniture for houses, but rattan become the popular choice to furnish hotel, resort, and restaurant. Now days, In some cafe, restaurant, or hotel lobby, rattan furniture is not only just a furniture, but it’s become the elegance of nature for the rooms. Because of its flexibility, rattan is never become an out of date or superannuate furniture.

Rattan furniture can be an attractive and unique creation. Adopting the classic traditional style, the touch of rattan furniture design, curvature, and the rattan weaving is way more complicated, but showing off the unique and antique impression. In the other hand, the modern design is more simple. This design defines that rattan furniture must give the comfort to the user, without losing its character as a classy furniture.

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