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Wicker Furniture for Outdoor and Indoor


The growth of rattan industry is really fast nowdays, especially for furniture manufacture. However, not all type of rattan can be used in this industry. There are some kinds of rattan that common in trading and industry, such as putih, lilin, kubu, rumo, manau, lacak,and CL.

Basically,there are two main phases to process rattan. first is cleaning the stem, After being cleaned from its stem, rattan suppose to get a special treatment to prevent some particular fungus, like blue stain.

After the special treatment, next process is peeling it with certain measurement to transform original rattan into smaller pieces, in order to get various material for making furniture. The result is rattan peel, rattan poles, rattan core, rattan pitrit, and rattan star core.

Each kind of rattan has different size and characteristic. Yet, all of them are very suitable for furniture material. The furniture that made from these rattan is well known as wicker furniture.

Beside good in durability, wicker furniture will be well blended with natural environment. Therefore this furniture would be suitable for indoor and outdoor purpose. For indoor use, wicker furniture will be able to embellish every corner of your rooms as a living set, dining set, bed set, and kitchen set. For outdoor use,wicker furniture is also the right choice to be placed in the lawn or terrace, for being your company to drink a cup of tea.

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