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The Lovely Furniture from Water Hyacinth

The Lovely Furniture from Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth is one of wild plantation which grows in water habitat, It grows floating in the shallow ponds, wet soil, swamps, or lakes. The growth of water hyacinth is so fast, it well adjusted with extreme weather, environment, and water poison. However, water hyacinth cannot grow in the water with high salt concentration, such as ocean and sea. The number of this plantation will increase rapidly in the rainy season, and  it will decrease in summer.

Water hyacinth is classified as pests of waters. Its wide leaf will enhance evaporation. it will cover and block the waters from sun light, this condition will interfere the living of other water habitat such as fish and water plantations. Therefore, some creative people are ceaseless to find the way  to alter this condition.

There are many efforts to utilize water hyacinth into something more useful and valuable. One of the most popular way is using water hyacinth for making furniture and handicraft. This furniture is now as well-known as its predecessor such as wood furniture and rattan furniture, that have been so popular since long time ago.

 Thare are many phases to make this furniture, first step is drying water hyacinth under sun light, Weaving, and combine it with other material like rattan, wood, or iron as the frames, and the last step is finishing. Since this material is not weather resistance,  water hyacinth is suggested for indoor furniture only to obtain longer durability.

Water hyacinth can be made for a lot of furniture designs and models, because its character is flexible. Not only fit for natural or traditional concept, water hyacinth furniture is also beautiful for contemporary or modern concept. The contemporary design for this furniture looks simpler and minimalist, with neutral and calm color. No wonder there are a lot of water hyacinth furniture lovers these days. Thanks to all creator for their creativity to modify a bunch of garbage and pest into something deserve to be loved.

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