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The Eminences of Natural Rattan Furniture


Natural rattan is common material for furniture and design interior industry now days. In the year of 2010 until 2013, the development of modern rattan furniture is so fast. The demand for this products was raising significantly which stimulated the establishment of rattan furniture industries in many countries, especially in Indonesia. The reason of fast development and high demand for rattan furniture is because this product has a lot of eminences.

The texture of rattan is lighter and more pliable than woods. The high flexibility of rattan make this material is easier to be shaped for furniture design or other creations, however natural rattan is classified as a strong and durable material. Natural rattan can be used for wide range furniture, from small items such as basket, chair, table, bench, up to huge furniture such as wardrobe, couch, and bed.

Rattan is not only good in durability but it has an aesthetic and natural value as well. This characteristic makes rattan furniture very suitable for tourism and hospitality industry, such as hotel project, restaurant project, and resort project. The using of natural rattan for furniture is also environmental friendly, because rattan grows really fast and easily obtained, especially in tropical zone like Indonesia.

As the aforementioned eminences above, natural rattan always has special place in Interior design world. This furniture is suitable for any interior concept, it isn’t confined just for certain room ideas such as traditional or ethnic concept, but it will be well blended with other style like modern, eclectic, contemporary, even for Scandinavian style.

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