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Are You Considering Baby Cribs? Check Out The Following Tips!

Rattan Baby Cribs

Baby Cribs is one of the children’s furniture fittings that must be available for your child. We also often call it baby bassinet or baby cot. Especially for babies aged 0 to 6 months will usually get more sleep about 16 hours a day. Baby box will also be used until your child is 3 years old. Therefore, choosing safe and comfortable bassinet is something that parents should consider. What are the tips? Come see.

How to Choose Safe Baby Cribs?

Baby cribs are baby beds that they can later explore in all corners of the crib without the need for you to watch. Therefore it is very necessary to choose baby cot that are comfortable and safe for babies. Consider the following when choosing.

1. Expensive is Not Necessarily Good and Safe

This is the most basic advice when you choose baby bassinet, don’t stick to the price, because it’s expensive is not necessarily the product that means quality. Choose Baby Cribs with a simple design like one of the products from Indonesia Baby Furniture Suppier that you can see here.

2. Choose a Suitable Design

Rima Rattan Bassinet
Rima Rattan Bassinet

The next step is to choose a size and design that suits your taste. Choose a size that is not too broad and not too narrow. If you choose Baby Cot that are too small, the baby cannot move freely in them. Also make sure the fence box is not too rare which can lead to things you don’t want.

3. Choose the Right Mattress

Dundee Rattan Bassinet
Dundee Rattan Baby Cribs

When buying baby bassinet, make sure the mattress is bundled with baby cribs. It is better for parents to choose a mattress that is not too soft, because it can cause the baby to drown when sleeping on it. Also worried about the baby’s sleeping position will not be comfortable and have an impact on difficulty breathing. Especially if the baby is in a prone position, the movement of air in the mouth will be disrupted because of the narrowing of the airway.

4. Make Sure Baby Cribs are Safe

Another important thing to consider when buying baby cot is safety. Parents can check the paint, make sure the paint is not toxic or easy to peel. Also make sure the screws, and the parts that look sharp around the baby crib. Don’t forget to make sure the mattress size and baby cribs are appropriate.

Things that You Should Pay Attention to When Going to Use Baby Cribs

Mentari Rattan Baby Bassinet
Mentari Rattan Baby Bassinet

When using baby bassinet, it helps parents pay attention to the following things so that children are safe while in baby cribs.

– Place the baby in a supine position, do not put the baby in a prone position in the baby cot.
– Avoid using mattresses that are too thick. Use a mattress with a medium thickness level to prevent the baby from choking while sleeping.
– Use enough pads, sheets, and dolls to avoid babies climbing out.
– Do not use a sleeping cap because it can make the baby overheated.
– Keep Baby Cribs from the window to keep the baby from the sun that can make the baby feel uncomfortable.

That was a few tips for parents who are considering crib for little ones. Indonesia Rattan Furniture is one of the most trusted producers of rattan that has a variety of products made from rattan and water hyacinth. If you want to know more about our products, please go directly to our website at
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