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3 Recommendations Rattan Toys For Children

Rattan Toys

Play is one of the things that is very liked by children. By playing, children can develop creativity and stimulate the development of children’s thinking power. In this article, we will give 3 recommendations of Rattan Toys for children. Hopefully, it helps parents to find and choose toys made from rattan that are Eco Friendly and still fun when playing.

How to choose toys for children

Before making a choice, you should be able to do a few things below as a consideration in buying toys for children. According to research into the development of the cerebrum in children such as patterns of thought and emotional actions of children reach 80% when the age of 4 years. Relationships with other people or non-family members also improve. The level of curiosity of children also increases while providing opportunities for children to learn to empathize with others.

Choose toys according to the age of the child

Choose toys according to the age of the child. Do not buy toys based on the level of cuteness, maybe the toy can not be played by your child. So pay attention to the needs according to the child’s age.

Check the quality of children’s toys

For your consideration, the quality of toys also needs to be checked. Because not all quality toys have high prices and vice versa. By checking the quality of toys, you can also save a budget in the future.

Make sure there are no sharp materials in all parts of the toy, the color should also be noticed not to easily peel. Also make sure small objects that are easily swallowed are not in the toy.

Make sure the material are safe for children

In choosing toys, make sure the toys to be purchased are safe for children. Choose toys that are easy to wash and are also non-toxic, because it will be dangerous for children later especially for children at the age of 1-2 years.

Toy size

Consider the size of toys for children, do not buy toys that are too big or too small. For babies aged 1-2 years, you can choose toys that are bigger than your child’s mouth so they are not swallowed by your baby. Toys that are too heavy are also not good for either because it is difficult for the baby to move it.

Recommended Rattan Toys for children

Rattan Doll Bassinet

Masha Rattan Doll Bassinet
Masha Rattan Doll Bassinet

One of the toys that we recommend is Rattan doll bassinet. This product serves as a playmate for children to put dolls when they play. Rattan doll Bassinet is also very safe and made of rattan with a very attractive design. You can directly visit the link to see the details of rattan doll bassinet from Indonesia rattan furniture.

Rattan Doll Pram

Bobo Rattan Doll Pram
Bobo Rattan Doll Pram

Rattan Doll Pram is one of the toys that many children love. With a funny and very functional design, this toy can be a hauler of goods or other toys needed by your child. Rattan doll stroller shaped like a stroller with a size that has been adjusted to the child and there are several models that you can make choices.

Tora Rattan Rocker

Tora Animal Rattan Rocker
Tora Animal Rattan Rocker

The most unique thing about the Rattan Kids Rocker cage is its shape which resembles an animal and can be ridden by children. for a maximum weight that can be withstand by the Tora Animal Rocker is 40 kg. This toy has been adjusted to the height of the child, made from rattan that is very Eco Friendly and safe to use. You can see the model in the link below.

How? Are you ready to buy toys for your little one? those are 3 recommendations Rattan Toys from Indonesia rattan furniture. Hopefully this recommendation can be your choice in choosing toys from rattan for your child. Indonesia rattan furniture also provides products made from rattan and other water hyacinth on our website. Please click indonesiarattanfurniture.com for more info.
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