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Rattan Doll Furniture Now Become Trends

Rattan Doll Furniture

Dolls are toys that are liked most by children, especially girls. Teddy bears, animal dolls, baby alive, cartoon character dolls, and many other doll models. Nowadays, not only are the dolls being played, but there are many properties of the dolls to complement them. Such as doll clothes, doll houses, doll furniture, doll strollers, and many other properties.

In the past few years we have tried to develop kids furniture, especially doll furniture from rattan. There are already dozens of doll furniture models, and many are exported to hundreds of wholesalers to 60 countries in the world.

Here are some of our most popular doll furniture products:

Mouza Rattan Doll bed

Mouza Rattan Doll Bed
Mouza Rattan Doll Bed

Mouza rattan doll bed, made similar to a child’s bed to give a real impression. With natural colors, it can be adjusted with other doll properties. The size is adjusted to the size of the doll. Made of rattan, which is very light, so that children can lift or move them according to their want.

Masha Rattan Doll Bed

Masha Rattan Doll Bassinet

Masha Rattan Doll Bassinet

The little girls often play with the imagination as if the doll is their baby. They imitate their parent or adult when caring for a baby, by bathing them, feeding them, carrying them and placing them in the bassinet while they sleep. With Masha Doll Bassinet you can make your daughter imagination become real. Made in the same style as our baby bassinet collection, a smaller doll version of size, and equipped with a small cushion that makes it look like a real bassinet. The edges of the frame are curved so as not to injure your child while playing.

Abby Rattan Doll Pram

Abby Rattan Doll Pram
Abby Rattan Doll Pram

Have you ever thought that playing with dolls can also be done outdoors or around your house? Yes, with a rattan doll pram, your little girl can invite the doll to walk around your house. This also encourage them to stay active. Designed in a vintage style, a combination of natural materials, rattan and wooden wheels, making this doll pram durable and long lasting.

Tiara Doll Chair

Tiara Rattan Chair

Being a princess in a fairy tale is what your daughter wants the most. They often invite their friends and their dolls to make it happen. Doll furniture is not complete without a doll chair. Children often use doll chairs for play. This Tiara rattan doll chair is designed with the high back, so your child can lean their doll without falling. Made in the peacock chair style adds to the elegant impression of a fairy tale royal chair. This chair is very light so the child can lift it easily.

There are many more doll property models that we have developed. Every month we create new designs and as a result our doll furniture is always a trend in the market. For more details on our products, please visit the kids furniture product page. To know the price and size details and if you have your own model you can submit the contact us form.

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