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Tips for Choosing a Headboard for the Bed

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Headboard is an integral part of the bed. The headboard serves as an aesthetic enhancer for the bed and gives an impression when you are in the bedroom. With so many types of headboards currently on the market, of course you need to have some tips that can be useful for choosing a headboard when considering buying one. Here we present some tips and tricks for buying a Headboard!

Tips for Choosing a Headboard for the bed

Match the bedroom style

Actually, in purchasing a bed, the headboard is usually included in one package. But there are also several shops that sell them separately. The aim is to give the buyer the freedom to choose a headboard that is roughly the right fit and suits the buyer’s taste.
Headboard model that can be adjusted to the interior style of your room. For example, a headboard with a curved shape that indicates a semi-classic style you can match with a modern style as a decorative element.


The comfort of this Headboard can affect your style or your everyday style. For example, if you like watching TV or reading books in bed, you can look for a headboard that has foam or one that you are comfortable using when placing a pillow behind your back.

Several types of Headboard based on design

– Upholstered (Headboard with foam padding)
Headboards made of foam or fabric padding are usually often found on factory-produced bedding sets. You can make your bed with a headboard that looks elegant and luxurious. You can create it with a color that suits your taste or interior type.
– Skin
Leather headboard usually give a modern and neat impression. Leather headboard can be used as the focal point of your bedroom and also tends to give off a cool impression. The way to do this is to give a pillow with a matching color.
– Wood / rattan
Respaldo Palm Rattan Headboard
Respaldo Palm Rattan Headboard
You can apply a wooden or rattan headboard to a traditional or country style room. Mix and match Headboard can be in line with the furniture items in your room. The advantage of a wooden or rattan headboard is that you don’t have to spend too much money. Because usually the price of a wooden or rattan headboard has a more varied range compared to other types of headboards. You can also check some of our rattan headboard collections which you can check on the link below!

Rattan Headboard

Butterfly Rattan Headboard King Size
Butterfly Rattan Headboard King Size
– Metal
For a minimalist type of space, besides wood and rattan, you can also try a metal headboard. You can create a chic and urban feel. The designs for metal or metal are also very diverse, such as wavy shapes, intricate decorations, or in the form of artificial flowers.
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Size will also affect comfort when using the Headboard later. If you buy a separate bed with the headboard, don’t forget to remember and confirm the size first. It is unfortunate if you have bought the Headboard that you want but it turns out that the size does not match your bed.
In addition to the 3 main things above, the things you need to keep in mind are when choosing a headboard, even though the headboard only functions as a mattress and wall, but the headboard is one of the points of view in your room or becomes one of the items that support the aesthetics of your room. So choosing a Headboard can have an indirect impact on the appearance of your room.
Those are some tips that you can try when you want to buy a headboard. Hopefully our information is useful for you! Indonesia Rattan furniture is a producer of rattan and natural fiber products. or you can contact us on the website!

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