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Inspiration Rattan Chair For Your Home

Inspiration Rattan Chair

A beautiful and comfortable house is not only measured by its architecture or exterior design, but also by the contents of the home and the furniture that fills it. One of the trending furniture in market today is rattan furniture. Not only trending in the local market, but there is a lot of demand from the global market today. Almost 60 countries in the world, rattan furniture become a trend. You don’t need to rush into buying furniture for your home. Moreover, large furniture such as chairs and sofas. The following is inspiration in choosing a rattan chair.

Natural Rattan or Synthetic Rattan Chair?

There are two kinds of rattan, natural rattan and synthetic rattan. The two rattan materials have their own characteristics and advantages. Natural rattan has the advantage, a material that is stronger to bear heavy loads. Synthetic rattan has the advantage of being easier to maintain and more affordable in terms of price than natural rattan. Its use is also different, natural rattan is more widely used indoors because it is not weather-resistant. However, synthetic rattan is widely used outdoors, because it is more weather resistant and more durable when exposed to water. For that, if you are confused about buying natural rattan or synthetic rattan furniture, you have to consider where and how much your budget will be used.

Vivo Rattan Bistro Chair
Synthetic rattan chair

Another factor in buying furniture is adjusting it to the interior theme of your home. If your house has a monochrome or rustic nuance, then natural rattan is suitable. But if the nuance of your house is full of color, you can choose synthetic rattan which has more color choices.

Interesting inspiration in arranging rattan chairs at home

In order to produce an aesthetic home inspiration and make the house more comfortable to live in, here are some inspirations in arranging the house:

1. Choosing a comfortable rattan sofa

Salsabela Rattan Sofa
Salsabela Rattan Sofa

Apart from luxurious sofas or wooden sofa, rattan sofas are currently a trend. As long as it is minimalist in shape, the price of a rattan sofa is also more affordable than other sofas. The wicker sofa also gives a natural impression in your home. Therefore, we often find rattan sofas in places that carry a natural theme.

2. Rattan chairs are contemporary, unique, and versatile

Fanie Rattan Chair White
Fanie Rattan Chair White

Contemporary rattan chairs can be your choice for the living room, if you plan to make all parts of the house with rattan furniture. With a unique design, this type of chair can be the right solution for receiving guests. Your guests will also feel comfortable and this wicker chair will not take up much space.

3. Rattan chairs for a minimalist bar at home

Lila Bar Set

We have found a lot of minimalist bars at home. Therefore, the use of rattan type chairs can be a unique combination for a minimalist mini bar at home. This minimalist mini bar with a casual nuance will not look stiff when combined with rattan accents. But it must be remembered, to arrange rattan chairs in this place must pay attention to the affordability aspect for the occupants. Make sure the high is properly adjusted to make it more comfortable.

4. Rattan chairs as dining chairs

Kuga Rattan Dining Set
Kuga Rattan Dining Set

Rattan dining chairs can be the right choice, if you are bored with the usual dining table in a minimalist home. Natural rattan nuances will certainly produce a different atmosphere in the dining room. Thus, you can eat delicious food with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house.

5. Placing rattan chairs in the yard or terrace of the house

To produce beauty and comfort in the yard, rattan chairs are the right choice. This type of chair not only looks beautiful in the yard, but also creates a lively home atmosphere. Because, the use of rattan chairs is generally used to relax with residents of the house.

6. Unique and cozy hanging rattan chairs

Rubby Rattan Hanging Chair
Rubby Rattan Hanging Chair

There are several ways to relax comfortably at home with your favorite types of furniture. To provide comfort and a positive aura at home, the use of hanging rattan chairs is a good for relaxing at home. Generally, the placement of a rattan hanging chair can be placed in the family room or adjacent to the terrace of the house.

Rattan type chairs can be an attractive alternative to produce a residence with a natural impression. Its relaxed and casual character can become your personality when choosing rattan furniture. To see a variety of rattan chair designs, you can find them on our website page. If you are a wholesaler who looking for a supplier, then you are at the right place today.


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