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Arranging a Narrow Room to Make Look Wider

Arranging narrow room to look wider

Arranging a narrow room is not easy. If you arrange it wrong and there are too many items, it will make the house feel complicated and full. Minimalist home arrangement not only from the exterior, but also from the interior. Even though it is built with a limited space capacity, a minimalist house can look spacious if you carefully sort the furniture to be used. Separating items that can still be used to decorate the inside of the house. However, it still refers to a simple theme.

Here are tips for arranging a narrow room to make it look wider

1. Choose a bright colored wall paint

Indonesia Rattan and Wicker Furniture

With bright colors, a small house will feel spacious, fresh and bright. Applying dark paint to the room will make a small house look more comfortable, but make a small house smaller. Instead of reflecting light, dark paint colors absorb incoming light sources, resulting in a gloomy house. For example, arranging a narrow room using plain white dimensions and the effect of light reflections on floor.

2. Multifunctional furniture as a solution

Salsabela Rattan Sofa
Salsabela Rattan Sofa can be use as sofa or daybed

If the room in the house is narrow, don’t use large furniture so that it doesn’t look narrower. You can look for multifunctional furniture as the right solution. By taking advantage of multifunctional furniture, you have saved space in the small house you live in. If the bedroom is cramped and you need extra space to store equipment, buy a mattress that has a drawer under the bed that can be used as a storage cupboard.

Placing a small cupboard and table in a narrow space will make the small house feel full and crowded. For that, you can use a drawer table or a multifunctional cabinet that can function as a cupboard too. Currently there are many multifunctional tables on the market.

3. Mirror

Thicket Rattan Mirror
Thicket Rattan Mirror

Not only used as a reflection, attaching mirrors around the room to create the impression of a large room. This mirror trick can also be applied to a small house. In a fairly narrow room, you can hang several medium-sized mirrors next to each other. Create a mirror frame into a uniform color to enhance the room decor, to give the impression of a room that is wider than the original.

4. Carpet with a pattern for a wider impression of the room

Natural Fiber Carpet
Natural Fiber Carpet

If you are confused about choosing a carpet for a narrow room, then choose a carpet with a small repeating pattern motif. This will give the impression of a wider room. You can put a rug under the living room table. Align the carpet with different repetitive patterned motifs on other furniture in your small house such as under the bed, sofa, and wardrobe. This is to make the small house look spacious, not claustrophobic, and look bright.

5. Eliminating the door as a room divider

Biombo rattan divider
Biombo rattan divider

If the family room and dining room are separated by a door, you can choose to remove the door and replace it with a room divider. Because with the door the impression will look narrow and stiff. With this room divider, it will appear wider and more flexible if you want to change the position of the room layout.

6. Take advantage of the space appropriately and efficiently

We must be careful in paying attention to every corner of the room that can be used efficiently. For example, wall hanging shelves to reduce items on the floor. Even though the shelves are full of displays, the clean floor of the items makes the room look big. Arranging a narrow living room to make it look spacious like the minimalist room below, starting with a medium-sized tv and sofa shelf that matches the wall color.

7. Pack and store items that are rarely or not used

Store stuff
Store stuff

In general, items that are placed on the table are items that are often used. So, don’t leave items that are rarely used on the table. Get rid of rarely used items in one container and store in the cupboard. So that it looks more empty area in a minimalist home room.

Arranging and choosing the interior of a small house needs to be careful not to get too crowded. Therefore, be wise in choosing the type of furniture and colors that you want to apply to a small house! If you have trouble finding suitable furniture, you can find it on our product page.

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