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Choose and Organize Side Table

How to choose bedside table

When staying at a hotel, on each side of the bed there must be a small table to place a night lamp or small items such as handphones, keys, glasses and others. Such furniture is often called a night stand or bedside table. Then, is the use of the bedside table the same as a table or cabinet?

Here are the tips to choose and organize side table :

Function of Bedside Table

Vacanza Rattan Side Table
Vacanza Rattan Side Table

Generally, a bedside table to put all objects used before going to sleep, such as cellphones, books, glasses, keys etc. So it’s easy to find it when you wake up later. It is very practical to put it on the bedside table, rather than put it under a pillow. The bedside table can also be used to put air humidifier to humidify the air in the bedroom.

In addition to this main function, the side table also has an aesthetic function, it must match the concept of the bedroom interior. A minimalist side table will complement a minimalist style bedroom.

Size bedside table

Rattan Bedroom Furniture
Rattan Bedroom Furniture

Even though the size of the side table is minimalist, the height must be parallel to the surface of the mattress or bed. So that you will find it easier to take and place items that are on the side table. No need to bend over or get out of bed to reach the side table.

Use of side tables

Luna Rattan Bedside Table
Luna Rattan Bedside Table

Many people think that you should use side tables on both sides of the bed. This assumption is correct if the size of your bed is large and is used for two people, and you have a large bedroom. But if you have a minimalist bedroom and a small bed, then one side table is enough. So as not to take much space. You can use a minimalist side table for the children’s room.

Color and style of side table does not have to be same with the bedroom furniture. You can choose color and model you want, according to the owner’s personality and needs.

The choice of material for the side table must be customized to the needs of the user. If you often put drinks on it, choose a side table with a flat surface. Material that is easy to clean from water, like wooden, top glass, iron, natural rattan. If the nightstand will be placed in the child’s room, use a wooden or rattan nightstand. Avoid using a glass nightstand because it has the potential to injure children.

Put the decorations on the side table

Fortune Wicker Table
Fortune Side Table with Wicker Drawer

Even though its function is to put items that are often used, you can still put decorations on the side table. Some decorations that are suitable for placing on a bedside table are a lamp, flower vase, photo frame, and alarm clock. However, make sure not to put a lot of decorations. In addition to the messy side table, things will fall more easily.

That’s a some tips to choose and organize side table. A nightstand is not a necessity in the bedroom. If you need, then buy it. If you don’t need a nightstand, even without it the bedroom will still feel comfortable. For various side table models you can visit the table category page.

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