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Rattan Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home

Moon Rattan Kids Shelves

One of the furniture pieces that often use rattan material is a cupboard or shelf. For most people, we often encounter rattan as a material for making shelves and cabinets. This is because rattan is currently a furniture trend with prices that are not so expensive.

Items that are neatly arranged will make the house look clean. If you like reading books, you need to store and organize your collection of books somewhere so they are not scattered. The most effective way is to use a bookshelf.

Rattan Bookshelf and Rack

Don’t get me wrong if a rattan cabinet or rattan bookshelf only has a simple shape and that’s all. Now we have various kinds of rattan bookshelves with very diverse designs, ranging from vintage designs to modern designs.

Here are rattan bookshelf ideas with a very special shape and design style. Some are made of full natural rattan, some are rattan combined with wood which is used as a construction as well as a framework and load-bearing. While the rattan is in the form of wicker used to make walls and several other elements such as drawers and shelf doors. Although using a different blend of materials, the color for finishing remains the same.

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