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Types of Restaurant Furniture

Tania Wicker Dining Set

Types of Restaurant Furniture – The success of a restaurant is determined not only by the service and food, but also from the selection of furniture. Restaurant furniture must be properly considered so that it can function as needed. Choose furniture that is practical, comfortable to use, and modern models. Nowadays, wicker and rattan furniture are in great demand because they look more luxurious and more durable.

Kinds of restaurant furniture

The design that is flexible, light, durable, strong construction and the color is not easy to change are the reasons why many people use this wicker furniture. Not a few people who want to open a restaurant use rattan furniture to beautify their restaurant. Moreover, the tropical and contemporary nuances of today are in great demand because they are good for photo objects. Here are some types of restaurant furniture :

Dining Chair

Commo Rattan Chair
Commo Rattan Chair

Dining chairs have many kinds, from the shape, height, and width. Generally restaurant chairs have a height of 46 cm from the floor, the width is also 46 cm. however, the bar stools are taller, both with and without a backrest. Rattan dining chairs are usually lighter than wooden or iron dining chairs. This makes it easy for staff and restaurant visitors to move or shift it.

Long Dining Table

Saffo Rattan Dining Table
Saffo Rattan Dining Table

Many restaurants provide long dining tables. Usually the restaurant that provides this table is a restaurant that is visited by many for family events or for meetings. Yes, this long table is suitable for dining with a large family or a reunion with friends. This wooden furniture is very elegant, strong and durable. Suitable for those of you who want to open a restaurant.

Round table

Sunshine Wicker Dining Table
Sunshine Wicker Dining Table

This table is usually used only for two or three people. It is perfect for just chatting with a partner or close friends. The restaurant that has round table furniture is also definitely very nice and looks more relaxed. Usually, a restaurant that uses this table is a restaurant that is usually used for young children to hang out. Even this wooden furniture is suitable for outdoor placement.

Stock Wardrobe

The next wooden furniture is the supply closet. This wardrobe has parts such as shelves and drawers. This furniture is placed near the dining table. The top cupboard can be used as a place to prepare some cutlery. This cupboard also functions as a place to store the tools needed at the time of service so as to facilitate the work of the waiter.

Those were the types of restaurant furniture. Furniture made of rattan is indeed very strong, especially if it is properly cared for. However, avoid natural rattan furniture from outdoors which makes rattan not durable, and keep it away from damp places so that it is not easily weathered and easily eaten by termites. If you want furniture recommendations for restaurants, you can click on our product page.

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