Makhuta kids rattan chair, mini version of peacock chair for kids

Makhuta Kids Chair, Mini Version of Peacock Rattan Chair for your Kids

Makhuta Rattan Kids Chair

Have you ever heard of the Peacock Rattan Chair? Yes, as the name implies, most peacock chairs have a size larger than the size of the chair in general. With a high backrest, blooming like a peacock’s tail. This chair is often referred to as the chair for the king. With the popularity of the peacock chair, it became our inspiration to design a peacock chair for children. Made with the same design as the peacock chair for adults. This Makhuta rattan kids chair is designed with a higher backrest. But with a simpler decoration. With a pastel color finish, this chair makes it even more charming. Additional cushion on the seat, your child will be more comfortable when sitting while playing or while reading their favorite book. Made of natural rattan, this chair is very light, so your child can easily move this chair. So, is this chair durable if the material is natural rattan? Make no mistake, rattan furniture is no less durable than furniture with other materials. With a note, you take care of it properly. In terms of price, rattan furniture is much more affordable than wooden furniture, for example. If you are interested in this Makhuta child’s rattan chair, you can contact us.

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