Children's Toys Containers Furniture Designs for Children's Rooms

Toys Containers Furniture Designs for Children’s Rooms

Besides trying to get children used to tidying up their toys, parents don’t forget to provide a toy container to store them. For parents who are looking for furniture designs for children’s toys storage containers, especially those placed in children’s rooms, let’s look at this following reference.

Children’s toys storage containers

Light and Neutral Wicker Basket

Crochet Wicker Basket
Crochet Wicker Basket

If you want an environmentally friendly toy container, look for wicker baskets too. It is a softer rattan wicker. Often used as a shopping bag in the past, now the rattan basket is often used as storage in the room or living room.

Including children’s toys that can be inserted without a burden in it. Choose a size that is rather large so that it fits a lot.

Eco-friendly Bamboo container

In the past, besek was considered an old school item that was less attractive. These bamboo basket containers are more often used as food wrappers than items, let alone toys.

Indonesia Rattan Furniture | Rattan Bag
Rattan Bag

However, times keep changing. Now it is considered as an environmentally friendly object that can accommodate dry goods such as children’s toys and tools. No longer impressed old school, right?

Homemade multilevel shelves

This rattan shelf made of woven baskets is perfect for storing children’s toys. There is plenty of space/drawers so you can store lots of toys. You don’t have to worry if your child’s toys are scattered around.

Sama Rattan Shelves
Sama Rattan Shelves

Books, dolls, and toy cars can enter. When the child grows up, the shelf can still be used for other tools. For example clothes or their collection of novels.

Cone-shaped rattan basket

It’s not just the shape that makes you excited, if you open the lid it can be a container too. So, fit for more utensils and little toys in the room.

Cone Rattan Laundry Basket
Cone Rattan Laundry Basket

Rattan baskets find their moment again in recent years. Until now the light is still bright because it is suitable for all concepts, minimalist, boho, until shabby enters.

Wooden rack

Another sustainable design is the following rack. The drawer can be taken out and moved to another place when needed. If you need it concise, just tidy it up by returning it to its original slot.

Jane Wicker 6 Drawers
Jane Wicker 6 Drawers

Can be used until your little one grows up, because the color is neutral and the design is simple. Buy furniture that can be used for years.

Toy Chest

Key West Rattan Basket
Key West Rattan Basket

Want to make your own toy container, but don’t have much time. Just make a big toy chest like this. The design is simple with plywood or MDF material. Add a simple story bookcase to hang.

There are already two functional children’s toys containers. No need to be grandiose, really.

The presence of children does tend to make the house more messy. In fact, sometimes the child’s belongings are far more than the parent’s. Get around it by realizing a safe and neat storage furniture system in a child’s room. Please use the reference above.

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