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Tips for Caring Water Hyacinth Furniture

Tips for caring water hyacinth furniture

Various wicker furniture is indeed popular among home interior design lovers. Furniture such as rattan wicker baskets, water hyacinth, banana midrib to bamboo, are now increasingly popular in the market and worldwide. The increase in lovers of the rustic style, which is thick with natural and aesthetic nuances, is indeed an advantage to give a new feel in every corner of the house. One of the furniture that is often used as a place to store goods, clothes baskets, and plant pots is the use of water hyacinth furniture.

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Currently, with the availability of various models of water hyacinth crafts, of course there is special care that needs to be considered so that this soft material craft remains durable and not easily damaged. As we know, the basic material of this furniture is different from plastic or cloth materials in general, so there are different ways to care for it. Well, for you lovers of water hyacinth webbing with a classic model, check out some tips so that your water hyacinth furniture lasts for decades.

Tips so that your water hyacinth furniture lasts

Avoid being exposed to water

Calmar Wicker Terrace Set
Calmar Wicker Terrace Set

The water hyacinth plant, which has now changed its value into various furniture models, is indeed very beautiful if it is made into a storage basket in the corner of the house. However, the thing you need to pay attention to is to avoid crafting water hyacinth materials from all types of water, because crafts such as woven water hyacinth have materials that are not waterproof. Therefore, if it is already submerged in water, you can immediately dry it in a shady place, using a fan or hair dryer at normal temperature.

Pack with Box and Silica Gel

silica gel
silica gel (source : google)

If you want the furniture to be stored for a long period of time, you can pack it in a cardboard or plastic box so that it doesn’t get dust and gets damaged quickly. To make it even more durable, you can put 4 bags of silica gel into the plastic before storage. The benefit of silica gel itself is to keep from moisture and water damage to bacteria. Therefore, why water hyacinth woven products are more appropriate to be packaged in plastic or boxes.

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Use a cloth to remove stains

For those of you who have water hyacinth furniture and other soft material crafts but there are dust stains on the sides, you can use a soft cloth or soft brush only on the dirty parts. If the stain is still stuck, use a wet tissue or apply a drop of water to a dry cloth and wipe clean. So easy right? But don’t wash it with water or detergent.

Don’t put it in a damp place

Yuan Cabinet with wicker drawers
Yuan Cabinet with wicker drawers

Soft woven materials such as water hyacinth woven material made from this plant are indeed very susceptible to fungus on several sides if not treated properly. Therefore, to prevent it from getting moldy, you should always put it in a damp and dry place. Keep water hyacinth furniture away from places that are easily exposed to water. But you don’t need to worry, if your furniture is moldy, you can remove the fungus with a dry cloth and then dry it in the sun every day.

How easy is it for caring water hyacinth furniture? The material, which has natural fibers, will add to the impression of a more homey home. To fill your spare time, you can also make woven water hyacinth for handicrafts. For those of you who want to find wicker furniture, you can see it on our product page.

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