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Unexpected Things That Can Damage Furniture

Unexpected things that can damage furniture

Some people spend quite a lot of money and time to bring the furniture of their dreams into their home. Not surprisingly, various ways are done to keep furniture from being damaged quickly and last longer. There are some unexpected things that can damage furniture such as the following:

Some unexpected things that can damage furniture :

Conditions around the furniture

Humidity, dryness, and excessive heat and cold can have a negative effect on wooden furniture. So, keep the indoor temperature stable. Also consider using a dehumidifier, making sure to clean the wood furniture from dust, and polishing the furniture to prevent it from bending or cracking. Don’t forget to check the door and window seals. Windy homes are more likely to experience changes in temperature and humidity.

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Not paying attention to the sun

Sunlight is one of the things that can damage furniture, both sofas, tables, and chairs. Sunlight can cause furniture to change color. Therefore, do not place furniture in areas exposed to direct sunlight such as near windows. Also consider installing ultraviolet window film to minimize sun exposure that can damage furniture.

Cleaning furniture too often

Home furniture
Home furniture

Cleaning furniture can keep it in good shape, but avoid cleaning too often as this can accelerate wear and tear. If you are worried that the furniture will get dirty easily, cover it with a cover. For rattan furniture, pay attention to how they are cleaned so as not to damage the protective coating.

Always sit in the same area

Rattan Sofa
Rattan Sofa

Some people have a favorite spot when sitting on the sofa, either because it provides more comfort or easy access to whatever items are needed. However, this can unwittingly make the surface of the sofa uneven and accelerate the wear, plus if lifting your legs on the coffee table can add to the burden of the sofa.

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Not paying attention to cleaning products

All cleaning products are designed to clean any surface, but are not compatible with some furniture materials as they can damage them. In fact, fabric sofa cleaning sprays can damage furniture. Therefore, before applying a cleaning product to a new furniture material, always test it in a hidden place to make sure the product is safe for the furniture material. If there are no signs of damage, it can be directly applied to the entire surface of the furniture.

Visiting relatives

Inviting relatives or guests to the house can sometimes make some furniture damaged. For example, the sofa is occupied more than the recommended number of people so that the foam or cushion becomes loose. In addition, spilled drinks or food that stain kitchen countertops or other furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and take immediate action before the stain penetrates deeper into the surface of the furniture.

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Those were some unexpected things that damaged furniture. Furniture also requires proper care. For that, before buying furniture, it is also necessary to pay attention to how to take care of the furniture. Because if it is properly cared for, your furniture will last for a long time. To find out furniture products that are easy to maintain, you can visit our product page. If you want to know information about furniture details, you can contact our marketing by clicking the contact us page or clicking live chat.

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