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Rattan Furniture South Korea

Rattan Furniture South Korea – As a furniture manufacturer from Indonesia, we have developed thousands of furniture products with various designs. We sell our furniture to export markets in America, Australia, Europe and Asian countries. One of the countries in East Asia that is interested in our rattan furniture products is South Korea. There are several distributors or furniture shop owners from South Korea who import and remarket our products at retail. Most of them are interested in our kids furniture line of products. Starting from children’s chairs, children’s beds, children’s tables, and rattan toys such as doll pram, doll bed, doll bassinet, and kids wall decor.

Best Selling Rattan Furniture in South Korea

Apart from kids furniture, wholesalers from South Korea really like hanging chairs and sofas. Testimonials from customers from distribution in South Korea, they really like rattan sofas for their apartments. They prefer rattan sofas because the design is beautiful, the color is natural, and of course it is more suitable to be placed in an apartment. Because it doesn’t take up too much space. We ourselves know that South Korean people prefer to live in apartments. Of course they will choose furniture that is light and doesn’t take up too much space.Apart from large furniture, we also have a large collection of home decor that can accommodate all home needs. Such as baskets, rattan pendant hanging lights, rattan trays, and various rattan wall mirrors.

Supplier and Exporter of Rattan Furniture

Indonesia Furniture Factory
Indonesia Furniture Factory

If you choose a furniture shop or want to start your business, this is the right time to add to your collection with rattan furniture in your shop. Your customers will immediately fall in love with our rattan furniture collection. Because the design of our rattan furniture is beautiful and not outdated. They will never think that our rattan furniture is handmade, made with great detail and precision by our talented craftsmen.

So why should you choose us as your supplier? We have been a furniture manufacturer in Indonesia for more than 30 years, of course our furniture comes with high quality because it is made with great care and uses quality materials. Making our furniture strong and sturdy. The prices we offer are also very competitive prices, you can sell them with an appropriate profit margin, so that the price of furniture in your shop can also be competitive. Come on, what are you waiting for, immediately contact our marketing to get our latest furniture catalog and price list. List your orders starting now, and get attractive offers from us!

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