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Rattan Furniture Mauritius

Rattan Furniture Mauritius

Rattan furniture Mauritius – Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean, specifically in East Africa. Mauritius is famous for the beauty of its island, which is often a tourist destination from various countries. In this country whose capital is Port Louis, there are also many resorts and hotels that offer stunning views overlooking the beach or facing directly the Indian Ocean. Not only does it offer beach views as an attraction, in Mauritius there are also many national parks that have truly amazing beauty.

Rattan Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesia furniture manufacturer
Indonesia furniture manufacturer

As a rattan furniture manufacturer, of course we not only have a collection of home furniture, we also produce various furniture for hotels and resorts, restaurant furniture, outdoor furniture that is suitable for the climate in Mauritius. There are several of our clients from Mauritius who import our products for the hotel furniture they are developing. Not only that, there are also furniture shop owners who add our products to their shop collections. They admitted that they were satisfied buying furniture from us. Because the quality of the product is very good, it can be used for a long time.

Rattan furniture for hotel and restaurant in Mauritius

If you are developing hospitality in Mauritius, we have collections such as beds, occasional chairs, sofas, tables, nightstands, and even dining table sets. For outdoor areas, we have collections such as alfresco dining sets, woven sun loungers, lounge chairs that can be placed by the swimming pool. We also have folding beach chairs that can be moved easily. For restaurant furniture, we have a large selection of dining table and dining chair collections. You can choose according to your restaurant needs. If you have your own furniture design, all you have to do is consult with our team, our team will draw a sketch and make it for you.

Special promo of furniture for year end

Rattan furniture is very suitable for the climate in Mauritius. We always use quality materials to make high quality furniture. With various designs and sizes, our furniture prices come at competitive prices for you. So if you are looking for furniture for hospitality, you can reduce your budget for purchasing furniture. If you are interested in our rattan furniture, immediately contact our marketing team to get the latest catalog and pricelist. Get end of year special offers!

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