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Beautiful Collaboration of rattans : Dare to try??


If you are searching for furniture with modern, casual, and eco friendly style, it’s the right time for you to turn your eyes into rattan furniture. The furniture and decoration from this material will create a lighter and stylish atmosphere. The combination of beauty and simplicity of this material are able to bring a unique texture […]

Nautical Style House with Natural fibers Furniture


Nautical style house is always identical with atmosphere of beach vacation, cozy coastal villa with the golden sunlight passing through big windows, and warm swimming pool. The Nautical style for house, villa, or resort itself give us an impression of tranquility, warmness, and joyful.  If you have a plan to design your place with Nautical […]

Wicker Furniture for Outdoor and Indoor


The growth of rattan industry is really fast nowdays, especially for furniture manufacture. However, not all type of rattan can be used in this industry. There are some kinds of rattan that common in trading and industry, such as putih, lilin, kubu, rumo, manau, lacak,and CL. Basically,there are two main phases to process rattan. first is […]

The Lovely Furniture from Water Hyacinth

The Lovely Furniture from Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth is one of wild plantation which grows in water habitat, It grows floating in the shallow ponds, wet soil, swamps, or lakes. The growth of water hyacinth is so fast, it well adjusted with extreme weather, environment, and water poison. However, water hyacinth cannot grow in the water with high salt concentration, such as […]

The Eminences of Natural Rattan Furniture


Natural rattan is common material for furniture and design interior industry now days. In the year of 2010 until 2013, the development of modern rattan furniture is so fast. The demand for this products was raising significantly which stimulated the establishment of rattan furniture industries in many countries, especially in Indonesia. The reason of fast […]

Indonesia: The World’s Biggest Rattan Producer

rattan palms tropical rainforest Bako National Park Sarawak Malaysia Borneo Botanical

Natural Rattan belongs to species of palm,which is well known as one of the native to the tropical regions such as Asia, Africa, and Australia. The majority dense field of natural rattans are found in Indonesia’s forests, with the rest of the world’s supply provided by Philippines, Srilanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. As the abundant of […]

Natural Fiber

natural fiber

NATURAL FIBER. We are available with some natural fiber like water hyacinth, sea grass, abaca and banana. The most important thing is this material is actually waste. WASTE! But with creativity there is value on it. Lets have a look what we have with it. 1. WATER HYACINTH Water hyacinth or some of people called AQUA […]

The Processing of Rattan

The Processing of Rattan

Are you one of beautiful rattan furniture lovers? If so, do you know how to process rattan to form into beautiful rattan furniture? However, in the article we will only explain about how the processing of cane into raw materials for furniture. Rattan use as a raw material for rattan furniture is rattan that has been through processing. […]

How to Care for Wicker

There’s only few step for you to maintenance and make your furniture keep beautiful. First you need to have tools for treatments: Ø  Vacuum with brush attachment Ø  Soft brush Ø  Tweezers Ø  Detergent Ø  Water Ø  Soft cloth Ø  Garden hose Ø  Spray nozzle with gentle spray Ø  Household bleach Clean Your Wicker Furniture Regularly Vacuum wicker furniture routinely with the soft brush attachment on […]

Indonesian Natural Rattan – a home with style

Indonesian Natural Rattan - a home with style

Rattan is the name for the roughly hundred species of palms in the tribe Calameae, native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Most rattans are distinct from other palms in having slender stems 2–5 cm diameter with long inter-nodes between the leaves; their consequent growth habit also differs, not being trees but vine-like, […]