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Time After Time: Natural Rattan Furniture for 2017

Time After Time: Natural Rattan Furniture for 2017

Natural rattan furniture Design and models are various type. In this new era like nowadays, we all know minimalist furniture style. Even though, some of classic style still popular, but still need little modification to be suitable for size and models. Because today, people need smaller size for smaller space. Long time ago, people easy […]

Natural Cane Furniture as Part of Indonesia

Natural cane furniture

Indonesia is one of the best tropical country in the world. You can see all beautiful nature and environment in here like beaches, forests and volcanoes.  You can life only using natural resources and even a song said that fishing rod and net are enough to survive. It means that Indonesia is very wealthy for […]

From Waste to Best

From Waste to Best

From waste to best, Indonesia is tropical country that have a lots of industry material which are could be produce for furniture and handicraft product. We all know that furniture is related to wooden material, but have you ever know about natural rattan and natural fiber material? Indonesia rattan is one of the biggest furniture industries that […]

The Best Way to Furnish your Cafe

The Best Way to Furnish your Cafe

The image  of Cafe is identical with the fun place for gathering with friends and family, or cozy place where we release the stress after a long day work, or just one relax time to drinking coffee in the late evening.  That kind of cafes are sprawling throughout the street in a big cities or […]

Erlina Living Set from Abaca Natural Fiber


Erlina Living Set | Living room is an essential part of your home. It is a room for your family to relax and to enjoy your family time. It is also a relax place for your guest when visiting you. In Eastern culture, when you have many guest you will get more blessing. In addition, […]

Pet Furniture for Animal Lover

Pet Furniture for Animal Lover

Most of people, having some pets in their home, most of all keeping friendly animal such as cat, dog, bird, or rabbits. Little puppies or cute-lovely cats will be completed your family, and becoming one of your family member. Having pets not only about feeding and raise them, but also treats your pet well. Pet Furniture nowadays […]

Indulge your Sense with Rattan Three Color Furniture

Fargo Rattan Living Set

Do you want to adorn your place with something fresh and distinctive? or do you want to decorate your place with new-look pieces of furniture? If so, then rattan three color furniture is the best option that is worth for you to try. It’s the new line product in rattan furniture industrynowdays. Instead of using one color for the whole furniture, […]

Furnish Your Restaurant and Cafe With Rattan Furniture

Calissa Rattan Dining Set

The growth of restaurant and cafe business is very rapid these days. The changes of culture and  life styles of people are the main factor of the development of these business. In the big cities, many people choose cafe or restaurant for carry out meetings with clients or colleague or just having a good time […]

The Ageless Rattan Furniture


Rattan is classified as a classic material furniture. Since long time ago, rattan furniture always have a special place in the repertoire of Indonesia’s interior industry. With the excellence of its character, rattan is still survive until this time, and probably till the future ahead. In the days of yore,  people using magnificent rattan furniture in every […]

Beautiful Collaboration of rattans : Dare to try??


If you are searching for furniture with modern, casual, and eco friendly style, it’s the right time for you to turn your eyes into rattan furniture. The furniture and decoration from this material will create a lighter and stylish atmosphere. The combination of beauty and simplicity of this material are able to bring a unique texture […]