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Furniture Rattan Manufacturer: Reasons for Choosing Rattan Material for Your Best Furniture Products

rattan furniture manufacturer

Nowadays, there are so many furniture rattan manufacturers available all across the country. Natural Rattan is a good material to make furniture products and this is really popular among the Asian people. Most of the homeowners also like rattan furniture to complete their house. Anyway, why is rattan really good for furniture product? So, let […]

IFEX 2019 Rattan Furniture

Wisanka Indonesia IFEX 2019 Indoor Teak Rattan Furniture

Welcome to IFEX 2019 with the theme “The Essence of Infinite Innovation”. The event will feature Indonesia’s Best Export Furniture products, which will be held in March 11 – 14 2019 with locations at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. Now IFEX 2019 is considered as one of the furniture & handicraft events to be attended in Asia as […]

We Can Make Any Custom Request for Rattan or Natural Fibers Furniture

Natural Fiber Furniture

Rattan or natural fibers furniture is one of the most well-known types of furniture. It can be applied as outdoor and indoor furniture. Rattan Furniture looks extremely attractive and provides a warm feeling. It is practical, durable and can simply be maintained. It is in style because of being attractive and comfortable. Natural fibers furniture […]

Comfortable Indoor Wicker Furniture Like Arm Chairs, Stools, Sofas, and Tables

Belladona Wicker Living Set

Wicker rattan furniture is actually made from different flexible branches normally rattan reeds, willow, grasses, vices and plants. These durable contents are then woven joint into a pattern. In order to create furniture item out of wicker even though, the durable material are then woven across a farming into styles in the form of cabinets, […]

Choose Right Furniture for Kids

Choose Right Furniture For Kids

Are you looking for kids furniture? If you are looking for durable and sturdy furniture for kids, you can go wrong with rattan for kids. They are durable, practical, sturdy and lightweight. Many people interest with rattan furniture because it is comfortable and attractive. Kids rattan furniture are also versatile. These come in variety of […]

Optimizing Your Outdoor Space with Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Optimizing Your Outdoor Space with Outdoor Wicker Furniture

The outdoor wicker furniture can really turn your empty space into a haven. And just like what we know about the sanctuary, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your valuable time with your friends or family. When it comes to the outdoor space, the options are almost endless. You can pick one from the pair of […]

Indonesia rattan furniture is full of the beauty of nature

Indonesia rattan furniture is full of the beauty of nature

How do you think would a living room look without chairs and sofas? Moreover, how would you like to sleep on the rough floor after a full day’s work? If you think this is nigh mare attempt dinning on you laps? Indeed, it is extremely hard to imagine life without the furniture. Furniture has not […]

Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

It’s already on the begining of Augustand Summer is coming! On sunny days, a garden building or other room  also provides welcome shade from the midday heat. Pick a calming palette of neutral and pastel shades, and colour wash timber cladding with pale leafy greens. There are a lot of choices and things to think about, but rattan furniture will be great […]

Time After Time: Natural Rattan Furniture for 2017

Time After Time: Natural Rattan Furniture for 2017

Natural rattan furniture Design and models are various type. In this new era like nowadays, we all know minimalist furniture style. Even though, some of classic style still popular, but still need little modification to be suitable for size and models. Because today, people need smaller size for smaller space. Long time ago, people easy […]

Natural Cane Furniture as Part of Indonesia

Natural cane furniture

Indonesia is one of the best tropical country in the world. You can see all beautiful nature and environment in here like beaches, forests and volcanoes.  You can life only using natural resources and even a song said that fishing rod and net are enough to survive. It means that Indonesia is very wealthy for […]