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The Processing of Rattan

The Processing of Rattan

Are you one of beautiful rattan furniture lovers? If so, do you know how to process rattan to form into beautiful rattan furniture? However, in the article we will only explain about how the processing of cane into raw materials for furniture. Rattan use as a raw material for rattan furniture is rattan that has been through processing. […]

How to Care for Wicker

There’s only few step for you to maintenance and make your furniture keep beautiful. First you need to have tools for treatments: Ø  Vacuum with brush attachment Ø  Soft brush Ø  Tweezers Ø  Detergent Ø  Water Ø  Soft cloth Ø  Garden hose Ø  Spray nozzle with gentle spray Ø  Household bleach Clean Your Wicker Furniture Regularly Vacuum wicker furniture routinely with the soft brush attachment on […]

Indonesian Natural Rattan – a home with style

Indonesian Natural Rattan - a home with style

Rattan is the name for the roughly hundred species of palms in the tribe Calameae, native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Most rattans are distinct from other palms in having slender stems 2–5 cm diameter with long inter-nodes between the leaves; their consequent growth habit also differs, not being trees but vine-like, […]

More and More Kubu Rattan

Nuno Rattan Lazy Chair

Diversity of rattan not only visible based on form but also color. In the form point of view, we often heard with rattan core, pitrit, peel, srimit, croco, kubu, kubu grey and many more. On the other hand, rattan has its own natural color likes yellow, black, red, nude and mixture color. Now, we will […]

What We Need to Know About Cushion


There is no doubt combining chairs or sofa with cushion will add the value of those items. Looking more classy and comfy are what the cushion provide for the user. The characteristic of rattan furniture or others natural fiber which having uneven surface will be equalize with the right blend of cushion. Usually, forms of […]

Rattan and The Beautiful Part

rattan and the beautiful part

Presenting a piece of rattan furniture which not only bringing pleasant but also durable need some sustaining reason. The elegant design supported by the right choice of material and finishing color is what will attract buyer to come and buy it.  In receipt of natural look, using natural fibers like water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We conclude all questions that commonly asked by our customer who want to know further about our rattan furniture information. Do you use dried wood for rattan furniture that use wooded frame? Yes, we use mahogany or teak wood that is dried depends on customer needs. The wood are used as combination of weaving such […]

Professional Rattan Company

Professional Rattan Company

Our rattan company works in professional working procedure. It covers from our safe payment terms until good after sales services. Our rattan company can work with At sight L/C, which is the safest way for both customer and exporter since each correspondence bank are involve in the transaction. Yet those way often more complicated and […]

Exclusive Rattan Furniture

Buble Living Set

Our natural fibers and rattan furniture made carefully with qualified materials and skilled craftsmen. Each of our process are monitored by quality control to keep our standard quality. The process begin from the selection of our weaving materials such as rattan, waterhyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, abaca, kubu gray and croco. It is took directly from […]

The Usage of Natural Fiber

9147 Pearl Set

Not only rattan, there are other natural fibers that can be used as furniture. Indonesia rain forest produce many different plant or natural fibers such as water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, abaca, croco, kubu gray and many more. They are used for making many kinds of furniture, small items like baskets, food wrapping, fishing of […]